Work-Life Balance Profiles: An Introduction

The concept of work-life balance has long been considered obsolete. All the more so in our post-Covid world, where work and home lives are more blended than ever. New models have been suggested to update the term. But I haven’t yet found a convincing alternative to capture the distinction between the time people spend doingContinue reading “Work-Life Balance Profiles: An Introduction”

From Boardroom to Classroom: Home-schooling Lessons from (and for) the Workplace

12th May, 2020 Almost two months have passed since a temporary assignment to become a home-school teacher was suddenly imposed on me, spinning my professional routine and identity on its head. I have three primary-school aged children whose home tutoring needs are demanding and diverse, and with each week of lockdown that passes, I amContinue reading “From Boardroom to Classroom: Home-schooling Lessons from (and for) the Workplace”

A Fine Balance

The delicate work-life balance I’d carefully constructed was knocked off kilter at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown, when I took leave from my job in order to home-school and care for my three children and support my NHS key-worker husband. For as long as I can remember, I have been intent on balancing motherhood with a careerContinue reading “A Fine Balance”