The delicate work-life balance I’d constructed was knocked off kilter by the Coronavirus lockdown in Spring 2020.

And it got me thinking, talking, and writing…

A Fine Balance

A blog about work, life and the choices individuals make in pursuit of balance.

The concept of work-life balance has long been considered obsolete. All the more so in our post-Covid world, where work and home lives are more blended than ever.

Nevertheless, we all tend to distinguish between the various aspects of life, and there is value in doing so – it’s how we construct balance in our lives.

Since starting my blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that understanding the roots of an individual’s work values can help make sense of work-life balance choices. Doing so, I think can help foster greater self-reflection, acceptance and compassion – of oneself and others.

So I’ve set out to use my blog to celebrate the diversity and multi-faceted complexity of work-life balance choices. This includes featuring guests from all walks of life to share their personal stories (Work-Life Balance Profiles).

Finding balance in the time of Coronavirus is a universal challenge. Now’s the time for role models from across the working spectrum to stand out from the crowd.

Will you share your story?

Please, join the conversation.

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