Do you want to feature in ‘A Fine Balance’?

Woohoo! I’ve reached the milestone of 10 published stories on my blog.  

To mark this significant moment in my blog’s development, I’m putting out a call for new volunteers to feature in future posts. My aim is to create a collection of stories as diverse as possible and I’m interested in hearing from people from all walks of life and backgrounds, including:

* full-time and part-time employees, or those that are self-employed 
* people that are not in paid employment  
* those with no caring responsibilities 
* working parents  

All ages and stages of life and career welcome! 

To date, the profiles I’ve least covered are those of people under the age of 30, those without caring responsibilities, those that are employed on a part-time basis and those that are not currently in paid employment.

If any of those highlighted words describes you, have a think if you’d like to share your perspective. Or nominate a friend or colleague to share theirs.

For those unfamiliar with the format, I run a series on my blog called “Work-Life Balance Profiles”. In it, I interview people about their values and choices around how they balance work with everything else in their lives, and write up their stories.  

I begin each “Work-Life Balance Profile” interview asking my subject to put a self-perceived figure on their current work:life ratio and whether they aspire for it to be any different.

Of course, quantifying something this multi-faceted isn’t a science. But it’s a good place to start for getting to the heart of their story…

If you would like to share your story on my blog, or know a person that you’d like to nominate to share their story, please contact me in the usual ways.

One thought on “Do you want to feature in ‘A Fine Balance’?

  1. Hi Dal I have throughly enjoyed reading your posts and am in awe of you. You are a mum, wife, daughter, friend , civil servant, children service taker!! Active choir member , cleaner, cook, hamster finder!! and I am sure you have other titles of which I do not know. Added to that you write your fascinating blog. So as one woman to another I appreciate you and am so proud of the woman you have become and throughly enjoy watching you as you expand your horizons even further. Love you me xxxxx

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