A Fine Balance – The Podcast: Episode 2 Out Now

I was first introduced to the guest of my second podcast episode, Jhilmil Kishore, in April 2021. She had read my blog, said that she thought it was an exciting project, and put herself forward to be interviewed.

At the time, I hadn’t appreciated what a cathartic experience she had found it to talk about her relationship with work, why she works the way that she does, and the balance that she strikes between her work and the other things in her life, especially her caring responsibilities as a single mother. She wrote to me afterwards: “Without realising, it has been a rite of passage for me, an introspective journey [that has] helped me find courage to own up to my truth”.

Interviewing Jhilmil on Zoom, April 2021

She is one of a handful of people that I’ve featured on my blog that refers to themselves as a “workaholic” and in this podcast, we spent some time dissecting what that means. Despite the negative connotations, is it such a bad thing?

She is also, sadly, not the only person I’ve interviewed for my blog who has experienced emotional abuse in a relationship, and she was keen to impress the impact that this has had on maintaining a sense of balance. She was resolute in speaking openly about this, both on the blog and the podcast, and I commend her bravery in doing so, and hope it provides some comfort to readers or listeners who are experiencing something similar, or supporting someone who is.

Finally, another issue that really stood out from our discussion was job loss – the devastation when the blow is struck, the challenge of coming to terms with being unemployed, and the practicalities of overcoming it and getting back to work. Jhilmil’s positive spirit has been tested numerous times when it comes to bouncing back from job loss and this is something that we cover in the podcast too.

I’m pretty pleased with myself for taking the reins this time in editing my podcast, though I apologise in advance for the amateur audio trimming you might notice, for example…

I would like to extend huge thanks to Jhilmil for allowing me to interview her for a second time for the podcast and hope readers enjoy hearing her voice. You can subscribe to the podcast through most platforms, or by following this link: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/a-fine-balance/id1570430336.

Thanks for listening!

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