A Fine Balance – The Podcast: Episode 4 Out Now

To listen to Episode 4 of ‘A Fine Balance – The Podcast’ click here: Michelle Green discusses Nadine’s Story on finding balance as a stay-at-home-mum, opting out of a career path & valuing a mother’s presence.

This episode feels like it has been a long time coming, but that could be because since interviewing Nadine, writing up her story on my blog, and then recording the podcast episode, things have been busier than usual, both at work and at home.

Where the magic happens… enjoying my new microphone and personalised mug as I recorded this podcast episode.

But here we are, ready to publish before 2021 is out, so that’ll do nicely for me.

This podcast episode is different to my usual format.

Usually I invite guests that I’ve interviewed for my blog to join me in a podcast to delve deeper into their story.

But the subject of my latest blog, Nadine, chose to feature anonymously. Nadine, which is not her real name, generously shared with me the story of her journey of finding balance by stepping off the career ladder, and embracing ‘stay-at-home-motherhood’.

As Nadine has chosen to remain anonymous, I was unfortunately unable to invite her on as my podcast guest. So, instead, I reached out to fellow blogger, Michelle Green, who says that she identifies with Nadine’s situation, to join me to discuss the blog post.

Michelle Green is the woman behind the star blog ‘Fifty & Fab‘ – a hugely successful blog, followed by thousands, about embracing midlife and feeling fabulous! She set up her lifestyle blog for women over fifty in 2016, as her children were growing more independent, yet still identifies herself as a “housewife” and “stay-at-home-mum”.

My latest guest on ‘A Fine Balance – the Podcast’: Blogger Michelle Green

On this episode of ‘A Fine Balance – The Podcast’, Michelle and I delve into her own story and her views on some of the issues that came up in the blog post that I wrote following my interview with Nadine, which may resonate with stay-at-home and working parents alike.

You can subscribe to the podcast through most platforms, or by following this link:

Thanks for listening and wishing my readers and listeners Seasons Greetings!

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