New Year Musings

I recently discovered the term “hobby blogging”, which is arguably becoming a less “relevant” medium since its peak around 2006, and the subsequent meteoric rise of social media. Apparently, research has been done on the subject, concluding that few “hobby blog” projects endure beyond their first year.

I started blogging about work, life and the pursuit of balance some six months ago during the first lockdown, when I found my own balance knocked off kilter.

I got talking to many people about the origins of their work values and their subsequent work and life choices. I found the range of approaches to be fascinatingly unique and individually driven, and I gradually began formally interview people (starting with some kind and generous guinea pigs) and writing up the exchanges as blog entries.

Since then, I’ve continued to interview people in what I’ve termed my ‘Work-Life Balance Profiles’ series.

After the rollercoaster ride of 2020, I’m not making any predictions for the year ahead. But six months on and two lockdowns later, my “hobby blog” is remarkably still going strong, albeit with a notably modest following. I completed eight interviews in 2020, have three more in the pipeline for 2021, and a growing waiting list. Each story continues to be individually complex, raw and personal.

Starting my blog has been a new adventure for me. I’m way out of my comfort zone, which has sparked a drive and curiosity that compels me to keep writing.

I’m so grateful to those that have chosen to share their stories with me, and have entrusted me to write them up, and so appreciative of those who have supported, encouraged and signed up to “follow” my blog until now.

To those new to following my posts, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading them and joining me as I navigate this venture and unearth more inspiring and insightful stories of individuals’ perception, and pursuit, of balance.

To see more, you can follow @afinebalance_blog on Instagram.

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