The Pursuit of Balance: Plain Sailing or Pushing Against the Wind?

The pursuit of balance is not always plain sailing. In fact, often it seems that finding balance is more like pushing against the wind. I’ve observed this many times now through interviewing people for my blog. I start each interview asking my subject to put a figure on what they perceive to be their work:lifeContinue reading “The Pursuit of Balance: Plain Sailing or Pushing Against the Wind?”

New Year Musings

I recently discovered the term “hobby blogging”, which is arguably becoming a less “relevant” medium since its peak around 2006, and the subsequent meteoric rise of social media. Apparently, research has been done on the subject, concluding that few “hobby blog” projects endure beyond their first year. I started blogging about work, life and theContinue reading “New Year Musings”

What have I done to deserve this?

As the end of 2020 closes in, I’ve been reflecting on the writing I’ve done over the course of the year. A year that has taken twists and turns I never could have predicted, not least with the creation of my blog and my apprehensive foray into the world of Instagram.   When asked whether anyContinue reading “What have I done to deserve this?”

Sam’s Story – Fighting the Good Fight: Part-Time Working Fatherhood, Paternal Working Rights, and Living with Cancer

Work-Life Balance Profile #6 – Sam Franklin Work:Life Ratio 50:50 The power of privilege To say that my interview with Sam changed my life would be a step too far. But shortly after we met, I started a new job and, credit where it’s due, gleaning insight to Sam’s approach to work left me feelingContinue reading “Sam’s Story – Fighting the Good Fight: Part-Time Working Fatherhood, Paternal Working Rights, and Living with Cancer”

Lockdown 2.0: The Next Chapter

Stuck at home during the first Coronavirus lockdown, I noticed that many of the podcasts and articles I enjoyed listening to and reading mostly covered stories of people celebrated for their impressive accomplishments and accolades. It started to get under my skin that this was a narrow representation of success. What about those people whoContinue reading “Lockdown 2.0: The Next Chapter”

Marsha’s Story – From high-flying professional to stay-at-home-mum

Work-Life Balance Profile #3 – Marsha* Work : Life Ratio 0 : 100 *The names and some details have been changed for confidentiality purposes It’s got to be perfect From the way that Marsha describes herself as a school girl, I can imagine an immaculately dressed child, with neat hair and a straight back, sittingContinue reading “Marsha’s Story – From high-flying professional to stay-at-home-mum”

Treat ’em Mean, Keep ’em Keen

Any fans of Back to the Future will be familiar with Michael J Fox’s character Marty McFly’s reaction when asked, “Are you chicken?”. For those who have not experienced the cinematic genius of Robert Zemeckis’ epic trilogy, think red rag to a bull. Throughout the various timelines of Marty’s life, upon hearing those words, hisContinue reading “Treat ’em Mean, Keep ’em Keen”

Work-Life Balance Profiles: An Introduction

The concept of work-life balance has long been considered obsolete. All the more so in our post-Covid world, where work and home lives are more blended than ever. New models have been suggested to update the term. But I haven’t yet found a convincing alternative to capture the distinction between the time people spend doingContinue reading “Work-Life Balance Profiles: An Introduction”