‘A Fine Balance’ Podcast Trailer – out today

It’s finally time to share the trailer for my podcast, which I’ll be launching next Monday, 26th July, to coincide with the first anniversary of my blog.

This podcast has been a while in the making, not just because the time I have available to devote to it is fairly limited. The technical side has been a learning curve, and I am immensely grateful to my patient and tech-savvy husband, whose help in that department has been invaluable.

But probably the biggest challenge of all has been working up the confidence to go for it. The whole concept and process has, as with my blog, been a giant leap out of my comfort zone.

I’ve taken courage and inspiration from the many people I’ve engaged with as a result of my blog, who have shared their experiences of fearing failure, feeling like imposters and investing time and energy in what they enjoy.

Moreover, pursuing this project during a pandemic has undoubtedly influenced and driven me too. Because I’ve been reminded more than usual, and more often than usual, how fragile life is, how precious time is, and that taking risks and doing things that you want to do, even if they scare you, is part of living life to the full.

So, here goes….

Find the link below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so that you get notified when the first episode becomes available.


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