‘A Fine Balance’ Podcast Trailer – out today

It’s finally time to share the trailer for my podcast, which I’ll be launching next Monday, 26th July, to coincide with the first anniversary of my blog. This podcast has been a while in the making, not just because the time I have available to devote to it is fairly limited. The technical side hasContinue reading “‘A Fine Balance’ Podcast Trailer – out today”

Finding Balance on Her Own Terms: “Single by Choice; Childfree by Choice”. Laurie’s Story – On Doing ‘What Suits You’

Work-Life Balance Profile #14: Laurie Macpherson Introduction to Laurie’s Profile I once read that you can tell a lot about a person by the wording they use when setting email ‘out of office’ messages. There are those of a controlling nature, specifying instructions for every eventuality; those full of apology, betraying a sense of guiltContinue reading “Finding Balance on Her Own Terms: “Single by Choice; Childfree by Choice”. Laurie’s Story – On Doing ‘What Suits You’”

Will the Real Imposter Please Stand Up?

A new online computer game has infiltrated my home this lockdown, and caught the attention of all three of my children. Readers with children of similar ages and tastes to mine may recognise the character in the image featured. For those that don’t, allow me to introduce “Imposter”.   The game in question is Among Us andContinue reading “Will the Real Imposter Please Stand Up?”

Susan’s Story – Climbing High: on Single Motherhood and Social Mobility

Work-Life Balance Profile #9: Susan* Introducing Susan, the subject of my latest Work-Life Balance Profile. Having come across my blog on social media, Susan approached me to share her perspective on finding balance as the single mother of two children, one of whom has particularly demanding needs. The story I unearthed about social mobility, however,Continue reading “Susan’s Story – Climbing High: on Single Motherhood and Social Mobility”

Lockdown 2.0: The Next Chapter

Stuck at home during the first Coronavirus lockdown, I noticed that many of the podcasts and articles I enjoyed listening to and reading mostly covered stories of people celebrated for their impressive accomplishments and accolades. It started to get under my skin that this was a narrow representation of success. What about those people whoContinue reading “Lockdown 2.0: The Next Chapter”

Darren’s Story – Confessions of a Workaholic

Understanding the roots of individual work values can help make sense of work-life balance choices, encouraging self-reflection, acceptance and compassion – towards oneself and others. To this end, I’ve set out to use this blog to feature a series of “work-life balance profiles“, exploring the personal history behind work-life balance choices, one story at aContinue reading “Darren’s Story – Confessions of a Workaholic”