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My guest this episode is Tahmid Chowdhury, who I interviewed for my blog in October 2020 in a post entitled: Tahmid’s Story – Ethnic minority beginnings, burnout and career change. Back then, he was straddling two careers in tandem and was so self-motivated to work, that he told me that he would likely be “bored” if he wasn’t so occupied by his work.

Since then, a lot has changed for Tahmid, both in his career and his personal life, so it was great to interview him again a year on, this time for my podcast.

Photo taken during Tahmid’s employment with the British Government, where he was working at the time our first interview for this blog in October 2020

Early in his career, Tahmid realised that he was on the verge of ‘burning out’ and he took some drastic measures to change his lifestyle and mindset to improve his situation. Burnout is something that has come up again and again in the interviews I conduct for my blog and is usually an indicator of a skewed balance between the various aspects of life and work at any given time.

Take Darren, for example, whose story “Confessions of a Workaholic“, recounts his experience of exhausting himself in the job he loved to the point that he “could no longer function and was forced to take a leave of absence from work to recover.” Another interviewee of this blog, Tom McLaughlan, similarly described his job as akin to his hobby, yet his devotion to it resulted in a type of burnout too.

I was curious to understand Tahmid’s experience, not just what “burnout” felt like for him, but what he did to overcome it and what measures he takes now to avoid getting back to that point. I hope that listeners find his reflections and insights helpful.

Tahmid is also one of the younger subjects of my blog, so we spoke at length about finding balance in the early stages of working life, including some of the challenges of working with seniors, and with colleagues who have caring responsibilities.

Another focus of our discussion (though admittedly we did go off on many tangents!) was on the impact that coming from an ethnic minority background in the UK had on Tahmid’s work:life balance.

Underpinning our discussion was the fact that Tahmid is the first (and only) interviewee that I’ve featured on my blog that has refused to put a figure on his work:life ratio. Why is that? Well, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out…! ; )

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