Her Story Made History

I’ve been reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s book “My Own Words” lately, and this week I watched the movie dramatisation of part of her life story, “On the Basis of Sex”.

Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the 2018 movie “On the Basis of Sex”

Numerous themes that have emerged from my blog have been playing on my mind since, including:

The ‘power of parenting’ in setting an individual’s attitude to work;

The drive and dedication of those with ‘workaholic’ tendencies;

Having and managing the passion for one’s vocation; and

How power couples come in all shapes and sizes.

An unlikely power couple? Ruth Bader Ginsburg and husband, Martin Ginsburg in 2003.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was indeed an inspiring woman, whose impact on our generation has been far-reaching for many reasons, and continues on in her legacy.

Hollywood put it well when they said that “her story made history“. And the story of her pursuit of ‘a fine balance’ is equally one worth reflecting on.

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