Her Story Made History

I’ve been reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s book “My Own Words” lately, and this week I watched the movie dramatisation of part of her life story, “On the Basis of Sex”. Numerous themes that have emerged from my blog have been playing on my mind since, including: The ‘power of parenting’ in setting an individual’s attitudeContinue reading “Her Story Made History”

Darren’s Story – Confessions of a Workaholic

Understanding the roots of individual work values can help make sense of work-life balance choices, encouraging self-reflection, acceptance and compassion – towards oneself and others. To this end, I’ve set out to use this blog to feature a series of “work-life balance profiles“, exploring the personal history behind work-life balance choices, one story at aContinue reading “Darren’s Story – Confessions of a Workaholic”